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applications for service and maintenance

Go to Field service support by means smart glasses

Field service support by means smart glasses

See-what-i-see communication between the office based expert and maintenance staff at site. Hands-free video and audio advice to solve the problem.

Go to Interaktive Manuals

Interaktive Manuals

Step-by-step interactive manuals with an overlay of reality of the realtime picture by means of augmented reality for smartphones, tablets and smart glasses. The combination of reality with an overlay of instructions makes service much more easier.


Consultancy in using smarte technologies for production and service. We support you with defining your needs and choosing the right soft- and hardware exactly fitting for your needs.

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custom-fit solutions for tomorrow´s service
Augmented Reality - neue Wege im Service

We are a young engineering company with a main focus on smart solutions for production and service. More than 20 years of experience in machine- and plant manufacturing help us to understand the needs of machine manufacturers and their clients. Using most modern technologies enable new possibilities and will revolutionize whole industries. Make sure that you are a trendsetter in that area and let us present you this solutions.

  • a competent partner due to many years of experience in machine- and plant-building industry

  • We are a flexible, dynamic team and the customers requirements have first priority

  • We follow globally all technical developments in the area of augmented reality applications for service and production

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